Pre-arranging a Civil Funeral Ceremony
You may be thinking about your own funeral ceremony, especially if you have a terminal illness or strong feelings about how you wish people to remember your passing. It is a chance to talk to someone who doesn’t feel awkward discussing your thoughts and ideas.

By designing your own ceremony in advance, you could be saving your family and friends a number of difficult decisions. It also means you can have the type of farewell ceremony that you feel is fitting for your life and your loved ones, and you can prepare messages and memories for those you will be leaving behind.

In terms of making pre-planned formal funeral arrangements, you should go to a funeral director or, if making your own arrangements, contact me directly. Either way, if you would like to have some help to create your own ceremony, including music, readings and special messages for family and friends, I can help you.

I cannot guarantee that I will be the celebrant that delivers the ceremony but, if you want, you could leave a request with your family or funeral director.

You will be given a full copy of the ceremony script we have designed for your safe keeping with other documents relating to your funeral plans. Your requests will not be legally binding, so do talk to your family about your wishes if you can.

Please contact me if you would like to consider planning your own funeral ceremony.