Celebrate life and family
A naming ceremony is a truly wonderful way of celebrating the birth of a child and creation of a family. It encompasses and openly declares the importance and value of your family. You can affirm your hopes, promises and commitment to your child or children and welcome them into your circle of family and friends.

Some people may see a naming ceremony as a meaningful alternative to a church christening, blessing or baptism. This kind of ceremony has no legal implications and can be held almost anywhere.

A naming ceremony can be held for a child of any age and also for more than one child. It can involve siblings, friends, family and even the equivalent of godparents (you may want to call them godparents, guardians, guideparents, mentors, supporting adults or something that seems more fitting).

A family or welcome ceremony can also be held for families and couples joining together to create a new family (for example a second marriage with children coming together). 

Also, if a child is being adopted or welcomed into an existing family, a ceremony can be created to celebrate and declare your commitment to them, perhaps even recognising a new family name.

There are so many wonderful things that can be incorporated into a naming ceremony to make the occasion memorable and truly special; please click on the links on the right for some ideas. The pictures shown on this page are of a sand ceremony.