Wedding Celebrations and Partnership
A wedding or partnership ceremony is a true celebration of unity, love and commitment. 

Using an Independent Celebrant can help make your ceremony unique and personal to both of you, your friends and family. Usually, the legal elements of a civil wedding or partnership will have been completed at a registry office or even abroad before a wonderful celebration of your choice takes place. Then, the ideas and options to make your celebration a memorable occasion are almost limitless.

You can have vows, promises and commitments that reflect your own values, beliefs and hopes. A wedding or partnership ceremony like this can take place almost anywhere as you do not need to use a venue with a wedding licence.

Readings, poetry, prayer and music can all add to the meaning and sentiment of your declaration of unity. I can help you find suitable readings. Friends, family and children can be involved in many ways too.

There are a number of symbolic gestures that can make a ceremony unique and meaningful to you. Some examples of these may include lighting Unity Candles, a Sand Ceremony, a Handfasting Ribbon Ceremony, releasing balloons, planting a tree or many, many more ideas.

I will work with you to create a unique, meaningful and memorable occasion.

Vow Renewal

The chance to re-affirm your love and commitment to your partner is becoming increasingly popular. It is a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary with friends and family or can even be incorporated as part of another family occasion. I will work with you to deliver a ceremony that conveys the life you have shared and your continuing hopes and wishes for and from each other. We can use your original vows, speeches and readings or even create new ones to reflect your current partnership.