Civil Funeral Ceremony
A Civil Funeral Ceremony reflects the wishes, beliefs and values of the person who has died and their close family and friends. It should freely and truly reflect that person’s life and character, and not be constrained by the ideology of the person conducting the service. 

Every life can and should be meaningfully
respected for it's own value and the impact
they have made 
upon you and others.

Ceremonies cannot remove the grief that follows death but they can help you feel
uplifted and clear about what this special person did in life and the impact he or she
had on yours. Some like to see the ceremony as a celebration of the life lived and
shared with that person.

Your choice 

Your choice of funeral may be decided by considering your own beliefs and those of the person who has died. Many people are not actively religious and want a funeral service that gives them some choice about the words that are said, the venue, the songs, poems and hymns or whether there is any religious content at all. Unlike a Humanist Funeral Ceremony, a Civil Funeral Ceremony can be semi-religious.


Civil funeral ceremonies are unique, personal and meaningful. They are usually held at a crematorium, grave side or woodland burial ground. But they can be held in homes, gardens, hotels, almost anywhere. You can talk to me or your Funeral Director about the wide range of options available and also any symbolic gestures you may want for example lighting candles or scattering flowers. I can also help with memorials, tree planting ceremonies, scattering of ashes or interment ceremonies a while after a funeral ceremony.

About Me and Civil Funerals

I am experienced and passionate about helping people say goodbye through ceremonies that are very personal and meaningful. This passion is driven by personal bereavement and experience of some wonderful and fitting funeral ceremonies from pre-term babies to those who have lived over 100 years. I will work closely with whoever is arranging the funeral service to ensure you are supported during this very difficult time.

I will draft services for your approval prior to the ceremony and will also present a beautiful copy of the full ceremony for your keeping. I have had so many positive comments about the keepsake copies along with the way my services have been conducted.

I am a fully trained and accredited Civil Funeral Celebrant. I also affiliate myself with the values and principles of the Natural Death Centre and the Dying Matters Coalition.